Our mission is to normalise mental health conversations in the workplace

We use technology to engage with employees and help create a culture of openness and acceptance.

Our Story

Everymind was founded through a desire to create a mental health platform that combines access to support with the ultimate goal of removing the stigma through sharing personal experiences.

Putting this into practice, let’s start by sharing our stories with you. I mean, what better way for you to understand our company, than through meeting its founders.

Founder – Paul McGregor

My name is Paul and I want to be honest with you.

My life was pretty ‘care free’ up until I was 18. I grew up in a loving household, I was pretty academic at school and I played football nearly every minute I had spare. My life was following a pretty ‘normal’ path, but then my life was turned upside down.

At 18, my Dad who showed no signs of depression or previous struggles with mental health, my Dad who had ‘everything’ on paper attempted suicide. Just 2 days in to my new job.

His attempt came as a shock to us all, but he miraculously survived the accident. And after a few weeks in hospital physically recovering, he was home. But even though at the time we thought we’d escaped a nightmare, things got worse. And on the 4th March 2009, just 6 months after his first sign of depression my dad took his own life.

I continue to share my experiences and the experiences of others, standing up to the stigma that surrounds mental health and strive towards early intervention and better support for those who need it.

I started Everymind because after personally speaking at large corporations such as Lloyds TSB, and also smaller businesses such as Claremont Consulting, it became clear that there wasn’t a proactive solution to supporting businesses of all sizes.

There also still continued to be a one size fits all approach to supporting employees mental health, there wasn’t a tailored approach. Everymind is that solution I wish my Dad had when he was going through his struggles at work…

Chairman – Adam Shaw


For as long as I can remember, my mental health problem has been a part of my life. My personal struggle was around obsessive-compulsive disorder. It destroyed me. OCD is sometimes perceived in the mainstream as people who have little quirks and stuff, but mine was debilitating. It was close to mental torture. I had rituals that I thought would save my family. Even at five or six I knew the rituals I was doing were irrational, as most sufferers do.

I didn’t know what was going on in my head. In the 1980s, the only time you saw or heard about mental illness was on the news when they said someone was mentally ill and they’d gone out on a stabbing spree and killed loads of people. It was never discussed in schools. It still isn’t really to this day.

I got to a point in my life where I’d battled with it for so long, but I also had good points in my life. I’m married, I had a successful legal services business and employed 1,000 people. I have children, but a lot of that has been harnessed because of my mental illness, because when I felt the urges and these thoughts I would throw myself into something to avoid the bad thoughts, because I was scared of them.

Because I had OCD I was very particular about things. I was very detailed and I wanted everything to be perfect and the very best in the business, and that allowed me to be very successful. I had points in my life where I did taste success and had nice moments. But in the background, even on the good days, it was always there. It was always on my shoulder.

I got to the point in my thirties where I’d had a massive breakdown but there was nowhere to turn. It was mental torture.

I had a lot of anxiety over the business. I got very down and my OCD just came crashing down on me. I sought help, and was put in contact with a psychologist called Dr Lauren Callaghan. Lauren taught me a new way to tackle my mental health problem by accepting it rather than avoiding it.

I decided to sell my company in 2014. I had financial security and did well out of the business, and it felt very natural for me to want to give something back. And the way I found I could do that was setting up a charity, and not just in a small way to make myself feel better. I thought if I’m going to do it, do it in the only way I know how and that’s throwing myself into it. That charity was called The Shaw Mind Foundation. Alongside the charity, I also founded Trigger Publishing. An altruistic mental health and wellbeing publisher, recognised within the industry and beyond for its innovative approach to publishing.

Personally I know the stigma and pressures associated within businesses and became involved with Everymind to help change that.

Also Involved


Dr. Lauren Callaghan

Dr. Lauren is an industry-leading psychologist noted for her work at National Treatment Centres for severe obsessional problems in the UK. She co-founded The Shaw Mind Foundation and Trigger with her former patient Adam Shaw in 2016, with whom she also co-wrote Trigger’s first publication. Lauren oversees all content and training, alongside working with our partnered companies to provide detailed analytics and professional advice.


James Espey OBE

James Espey was responsible for founding and/or developing liquor brands such as Malibu, Baileys and Johnnie Walker Blue Label, as well as being Chief Executive of Chivas Bros and Chairman of Seagram Distillers. An author, mentor and businessman, James sits on the Board of Directors for mental health charity The Shaw Mind Foundation. He has been awarded an OBE for services to the Scotch whisky industry.

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