Make Mental Health A Priority Without Disrupting Your Business.

The Everymind app gives your employees the tools they need to cope, heal and thrive.

Discover The Incredible Features Of Our App

Personalised, effective mental health support in your employees’ pockets 24/7


A constantly expanding library of content, giving your employees the knowledge they need to better support their own mental health and colleagues around them.


From videos of people sharing their own personal experience, to meditations on getting a better night sleep - we provide self-care strategies to empower your employees, 24/7.


Our revealing self-assessment quizzes within our Everymind scores feature allow your employees to monitor their mental health, with personalised suggestions to improve.


Think of it like the TED Talks of mental health! Led by thought leaders and psychological experts, available free for your employees every single week.


Telephone and SMS support, specific to mental health and accessible within a few clicks on your employees personal phones. It's there for them, day or night.

How We Can Help Your Employees and Business With Mental Health

Amazing Benefits for every company that makes this a no-brainer.

Business Benefits:

  • Higher productivity, higher job satisfaction and lower absenteeism.

    A recent study by Deloitte showed that for every £1 invested in mental health, businesses saw a return on investment of £5.
  • Understand and improve the mental health of your employees

    By getting anonymous analytics across your business, our unique algorithm combines our data to present you as a business with your very own Everymind score. Our certified psychologists on staff will crunch the data and serve you personalised recommendations based on your company’s unique psychological profile.
  • Our app, branded for your business.

    We don’t take a ‘one size fits all’ approach with our service, as we know every business is different. Incorporate your logo, existing mental health initiatives, your own content and communicate with your employees via your own Push Notifications. We’re here to help you make your current plan more accessible – not replace it.

Employee Benefits:

  • An avenue to stay stress-free and grounded.

    In today’s work COVID climate, 40% of employees experience stress and anxiety about returning to the workplace. Everymind helps them through challenging times, educating on the importance of mental health, providing an array of coping strategies alongside helping them stay motivated, flexible and focused.
  • Support, tailored to them.

    From our experience we know mental health is very individual, what helps one employee may not help another. Our app allows every employee to monitor and manage their own mental health journey, individual to them. Based upon their Everymind scores our app will suggest coping strategies relevant to them, alongside giving them the ability to build their own Wellbeing Toolbox within our app.
  • Anonymous, for peace of mind.

    Awareness around mental health is increasing, but stigma still exists. Therefore we’ve made our app completely anonymous for employees, with personal data unidentifiable.

See Our App In Action

Getting Signed Up, With Little Involvement Needed

We know you're extremely busy and worried about communicating a new initiative out, so we've made it as 'hands off' as you'd like to make it...
  • Step 1: We'll Set Your App Up For You

    HR app

    Enquire today and we’ll set up our app, configured to your business in less than a week.

  • Step 2. We'll Send You The 'Comms'

    internal comms

    When your app is ready and you’re happy, we’ll share the comms with you (including custom graphics and text) to send out to your employees.

  • Step 3. We Keep Your Employees Active & Engaged

    app screenshot

    Not only do we take care of getting your employees signed up on our app, we keep them engaged with new features, fresh content and weekly live sessions.

A 100% virtual way to give your employees a helping hand with their mental health – conveniently, affordably and in a way that actually makes a difference:


Stop directing employees to your intranet for mental health support. Instead, provide them with accessible, discreet support via our unique mobile app.


Your data security is our #1 concern. All app data is encrypted at rest on our secure servers based in London, and we are also fully compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Here Is What Our Clients Are Saying About Our App:

Limited time opportunity – get a 3-month test
drive of Everymind 100% FREE.

After 3 months, if you’re not 100% thrilled with the vast improvements your employees see in their work, personal and emotional lives, just let us know and you won’t pay a penny.

Questions Before You Enquire?

We’re guessing you’ll have some questions about the platform and 3 months offer, so here’s some answers below…

What are the main benefits of your app for our employees?

We provide mental health support for all of your employees, via a mobile app. We step away from a traditional one size fits all approach and tailor the content and support to each individual user. With over 100+ pieces of content, from meditations to help with stress to videos on dealing with anxiety, we take a proactive approach to mental wellbeing alongside providing 24/7 support to your employees in times of need. Usage of the app is also 100% anonymous, giving your employees peace of mind when using our platform.

How easy is it to get set up and started as a company?

VERY easy. After you enquire, we’ll be in touch to book a quick chat to show you the app in action alongside answering any other questions you may have. For the free 3 months, we can have your own company version of our app set up within 48 hours ready to onboard your employees.

What happens after the 3 months?

At Everymind at Work we’re more than just an app, offering a variety of solutions for businesses and their employees. From e-learning to virtual reality workshops, we’re here to support you with your mental health initiatives. We’ll support you and your employees free for 3 months, and towards the end of that period we’ll have an honest discussion about next steps and whether we could support you further. Again, there’s no obligation to continue, it’s up to us to show you our value 🙂

Do you work with any business?

We do, although we often stipulate a minimum of 5 employees to make the app worthwhile. But with Everymind being a digital solution, we’re able to offer mental health support to a high volume of employees at one time.

Is the app actually any good?

Our clients think so! We know there’s often hesitation with something being offered as free, so here’s a video demo of the app to give you an overview of the features.

How do you keep my employees data safe?

We understand the importance of keeping your personal information secure and take appropriate steps to safeguard special category data, as follows. All data is encrypted at rest. We always ensure only authorised persons have access to the database, this is limited to 3 people. We have implemented two factor authentication to all systems where sensitive information is stored and we are fully compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

What's the benefit of signing up as a business?

In a recent study it was shown that for every £1 invested in mental health, businesses saw a return on investment of £5. With improved mental health leading to higher productivity, higher job satisfaction and lower absenteeism the macro benefits for your business are clear to see. But working with us allows you to support your whole workforce quickly, giving them a tool to educate themselves and seek support whenever they need it. We work with you, giving you full access to our team of consultants, to help you structure your wellbeing initiatives alongside sending you anonymous reporting monthly. Insights from our app that show you where your employees may need more support, allowing you to save time and money on the right initiatives for them.

How can we measure the success of the app in terms of usage?

The data we collate from your employees will be analysed and the level and type of usage determined at agreed intervals. We can work with you to link this data to suggested wellbeing interventions and solutions, alongside the support we already provide. Our aim is to provide mental health support to your employees, while they remain anonymous, but providing your valuable aggregated insights and analytics to help save you time and resources with your wellbeing strategy moving forward.

Would we be able to measure any improvements in our employees' wellbeing?

Yes, by asking your employees certain questions, again at agreed intervals, we can monitor any patterns and report back where we believe the focus needs to be directed, ie X% of the workforce have reported a decline in their anxiety levels, however X% have experienced an increase in low mood. We can then work with you to refine any solutions and agree how we’ll track progress.

Would it compromise employee anonymity if reports are being produced?

Absolutely not. Specific company reports will only be produced for an organisation of over 25 employees, and we provide anonymous aggregated analytics rather than reporting on specific teams. Equally, we can provide you with wellbeing trends and insights within your industry alongside across our user base as a whole. It’s important for us to work with you to provide you valuable insights to help you with your wellbeing strategy moving forward, but equally with our focus on mental health we do all we can to not compromise anonymity of your employees.