Our unique app is the driving force behind the work we do at Everymind.
But what can you expect?

  • Easy Sign Up

    Straight forward on-boarding, requiring minimal input from your company and a smooth experience for your employee

  • Anonymous Use

    As stigma or at least the fear of being stigmatised exists, it is so important to us that all app use is completely anonymous. Giving our users the freedom to access any information without the fear of vulnerability.

  • Tailored Content

    Everyone is unique in their feelings and the support they need, and we don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Our app uses AI technology to learn and provide tailored support to every employee.

  • Company Specific

    We customise and brand the app for every company we work with, integrating your existing policies and mental health initiatives.

  • Urgent Support

    Although we focus on a proactive approach to mental health, we also know that at times, urgent support is needed. We offer 24/7 support via our partners, so at a time of crisis you have someone to help.

  • Reporting

    Working with you, we can provide bespoke reporting showing you exactly what your employees need to feel supported, happier and more productive. We also show you industry driven reporting, displaying trends to help you stay ahead of the curve.

What Else We Can Offer

Alongside access to our app, we also provide other solutions to help normalise mental health conversation in the workplace.

Interactive Sessions

Find out what your employees need with our unique interactive sessions. These are in person sessions, that see on average a 97% engagement rate from attendees due to the anonymity of the sessions.

Virtual Reality

Using the latest technology to run engaging training sessions, our virtual reality workshops ensure your management are equipped with the necessary skills.

Online Training

We know the challenges companies face trying to get employees together to provide face to face training. We've created an interactive mental health course that can be completed in your own time, remotely.

We’re firm believers that happier staff can lead to a vast amount of benefits for your company. To help with the challenges of Covid-19, we’re offering our app for free for 3 months. To help you, and your business…

Increased Job Retention Rate 100%
Higher Productivity 100%
Happier Staff 100%